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  Exploring the Possibilities of Progressive Rock - New Apogee Album "The Art of Mind" to be released in May 2015

The Art of Mind Cover

Welcome to the APOGEE Web Site

.APOGEE is the solo project of Arne Schäfer, member of the german progressive rock band Versus X.

On this website you can inform yourself about the various aspects of APOGEE music, available CDs and other projects of mine. There is also a link to the web site of Versus X, where I perform as composer, lead singer and guitarist. Please use the hyperlinks on the frame around this website for navigation.

Check the Video Teaser of the new Album "The Art of Mind".

If you have any comments on the music of APOGEE or Versus X, questions or recommendations, please send e-mail to my adress (arne@versus-x.de).


Last update April 2015

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